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UMass Medical’s Data Center Efficiency takes a big leap forward with EcoStruxure IT

Technology. It’s ever-changing. Fast-paced. Complex. How can any company or organization, no matter which industry or market, keep up? The answer lies in flexible, adaptable, and agile data center physical infrastructure and real-time management software. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s 7,500 square foot data center, David Plamondon, Data…

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EcoStruxure achieves Performance & Energy Savings for School District

Marshall County occupies 710 square miles on Mississippi’s northern border, just across from Tennessee. Founded in 1836, this primarily agricultural area is home to just over 37,000 residents. Recently the county built a new industrial park. As a result, the school district anticipates growth as people and businesses move into the area and more students…

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EcoStruxure™ helps Rural Hospital achieve an Affordable Energy Efficiency Makeover

Originally constructed in 1948, Odessa Memorial Healthcare Center, a 25-bed critical-access hospital opened its doors in 1950 in the small farming and retirement community of Odessa, Washington—just 72 miles west of Spokane. As the only local hospital for 30 miles around, Odessa Memorial serves 2,500 citizens in Odessa and the surrounding area. Over the years,…

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