Did You Miss Our Raised Floor Best Practices Webinar?

Data Center Raised Floor Webinar

If you’re looking for raised floor best practices that won’t bust your budget, check out this recent webinar CEG hosted with RLE Technologies. In this webinar, you’ll learn: How to dramatically improve data center energy efficiency Different types of containment that work in spaces you can’t see How directional airflow panels can almost instantaneously make…

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[VIDEO] Lesser Known Row Airflow Management Best Practices

CEG Data Center Airflow Managment

When discussing airflow management at the Row level, many people quickly navigate to containment, and for good reason. In many ways, it is the most impactful solution that you can implement at this level. But as we’ve previously discussed, Row airflow management is more than just containment. There are other areas in the Row that need…

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New Tech News – Powerlok PDU from Upsite Technologies

CEG PDU for data center

Greater Reliability, Advanced Functionality and an Overall Higher Standard for Rack PDUs in Mission Critical Facilities Upsite Technologies is raising the standard of rack power distribution with the introduction of PowerLok®.  With automated soldering from line input to each receptacle, PowerLok eliminates all mechanical connections. This unique improvement makes it 270% less likely to fail…

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New Tech News – Next-level Data Center Capacity Planning with EkkoSense

Ekkosense Data Center DCIM monitoring

EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 goes beyond traditional capacity reporting to address all aspects of data center performance. While EkkoSense visualization and monitoring software is already widely used to optimize thermal performance across critical facilities, its newest software release – EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 – takes capacity planning to the next level. EkkoSoft Critical 6.0 combines granular IoT…

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New Tech News – Industry’s First Integrated Rack with Immersed, Liquid-cooled IT for Data Centers

Schneider Electric’s Liquid-cooled Solution is Ideal for Big Data, AI, Machine Learning With high compute demands (big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine-learning algorithm training development) comes more energy usage and new cooling challenges. Schneider Electric is addressing those issues with the creation of the industry’s first commercially available integrated rack with chassis-based, immersive liquid cooling.…

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Is Your UPS Reaching It’s End of Life?

Just like a car, Uninterrupted Power Supply life expectancy depends on how long you maintain it. CEG’s lifecycle recommendations and maintenance services will help maximize your UPS investment and ensure business-critical applications are always on. CLICK HERE to learn which Schneider Electric UPS are approaching their end of commercial life and how CEG can be…

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Turning the Tide on Data Center Efficiency Adoption in the 20’s

As we close out this decade, scientists have reported that the past ten years were the warmest recorded on Earth. Eight of those years were the warmest since we’ve been recording global temperatures! The Data Center Industry is one of the fastest growing energy consumers contributing to this climate change. Data centers will soon consume…

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UMass Medical’s Data Center Efficiency takes a big leap forward with EcoStruxure IT

Technology. It’s ever-changing. Fast-paced. Complex. How can any company or organization, no matter which industry or market, keep up? The answer lies in flexible, adaptable, and agile data center physical infrastructure and real-time management software. Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center’s 7,500 square foot data center, David Plamondon, Data…

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