Packet Power

Packet Power makes it easier and less expensive for critical facilities managers to get the information needed to lower costs, avoid outages and CEG offers Packet Power Monitoring Solutionsimprove operational effectiveness. CEG offers Packet Power wireless remote power and environmental sensors that come fully configured and are simple to install and manage. Whether used with your existing application or our energy management service, there's no easier way to make your building smarter.

Wireless AC Power Monitoring Systems Custom-tailored to fit any Panel

Packet Power Branch Circuit Monitoring
Branch Circuit Monitoring

Branch Circuit Monitoring Datasheet

Multi Circuit Monitoring for Data Centers
Multi-circuit Monitoring

Multi-circuit Monitoring Datasheet

Single Meter for Submetering
Single Meter for Submetering

Environmental Monitoring - Track Temperature, Humidity and Differential Pressure

Packet Power Environmental Monitoring for Data Centers
Environmental Monitoring Sensors

Environmental Monitoring Datasheet