CEG offers Vertiv power solutions

Vertiv is respected worldwide for products to protect and optimize critical infrastructure for data centers, communications networks, healthcare, and industrial facilities. The company delivers software, hardware, and services that maximize availability, capacity, and efficiency for your business.

Vertiv uninterruptible data center power products sustain critical operations that simply can’t go down. Vertiv delivers a full range of Liebert uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and power distribution units (PDUs), from individual data center solutions to integrated systems that keep network closets, computer rooms and data center infrastructure up and running.

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SmartCabinet - Intelligent, integrated infrastructure in a single rack

SmartRow - Intelligent, integrated infrastructure in a self-contained line-up

Liebert MCR - Integrated support systems in a single enclosure

DCE Rack System

DCF Optimized Rack Systems

Liebert GXT5 UPS, 500-300VA 120V

Liebert PSP Single Phase UPS, 350-500VA

Liebert PSA4 Single Phase UPS, 500VA-1500VA

Liebert PST4 Offline UPS, 350, 500, 660 & 850VA

Liebert PSI Single Phase UPS, 1000VA - 3000VA

Liebert GXT4 Single Phase Online UPS, 500VA-10kVA

Liebert MicroPOD Maintenance Bypass Switch for UPS Systems 3kVA and Smaller

Liebert APS Single Phase Online UPS, 5kVA - 20kVA

UPS Power Assurance Package

Liebert EXM 3-phase UPS, 10-250kVA

Liebert NX 3-phase Online UPS, 40-200kVA

UPS Power Assurance Package

Liebert MPH2 Managed Rack PDU

Liebert MPX Adaptive Rack PDU


Liebert CRV Self-contained Row-based Data Center Cooling, 19.6-40kW

Liebert XDA Air Flow Enhancer, 1000CFM

Avocent Universal Management Gateway

Avocent ACS 5000/6000/8000 Advanced Console Server

Avocent ACS 800 Serial Console

Avocent AutoView KVM Switches

Avocent HMX 5000/6000 High-performance KVM System

Avocent Matrix 5000 High-performance KVM System

Avocent LV 3000 KVM Extenders

Avocent LV 4000 KVM Extenders

Avocent LV 5000 Series Extenders

Avocent Rack Mount Power Supply

Cybex SCKM100 Secure Desktop KM Switches

Avocent SV 300 Desktop KVM Switch

Avocent SVKM 100 Desktop Switches

LCD Tray Family

Vertiv Data Center Planner

Vertiv Rack Power Manager

Avocent DSView Management Software

Liebert Monitoring Software